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~ Monday, May 13 ~

How are you going to celebrate the end of exams?

I finish next week on the 22nd, so I am going to go to Budapest the same day. It’s very close to Prague and the weather will be in the high 20s. I’m very excited.

If I was in London, no doubt I would be feasting my way through an Honest Burger in Soho.

What will you be doing?

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~ Thursday, May 9 ~

Good luck to everyone who has exams this term!

Soon you will be able to enjoy summer! :)

Best wishes, Those London Students x

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~ Monday, September 10 ~
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~ Friday, September 7 ~

What do you wish someone had told your ‘fresher’ self?

I’m writing a post about things to know before and during freshers for the new students to London this September.

So I was just wondering what you guys wish you had known or done instead?

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~ Friday, August 17 ~


Whilst looking at the London university tags on tumblr I came across the most disturbing thing ever, which I felt like sharing with you all.

A student from SOAS has written their own version of 50 Shades of Grey which takes place in the SOAS library. Umm, no judgement.

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~ Monday, May 21 ~

Where’s your favourite place for dessert in London?

At the moment I’m writing about this and what’s coming to mind is the honeycomb sundae at Hawksmoor Guildhall:

But where’s the best place you’ve had dessert in London?

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~ Thursday, May 3 ~

MEATmarket where I had the amazing poppaz, fries and slush puppy cocktail is finally open today!

It’s open everyday from Midday to 11pm and is just as cheap as MEATliquor. So if you’re feeling sad and exhausted after exams and fancy some fast-food (done well, not like McDonalds!) visit this place in Covent Garden! You definitely won’t be disappointed.

Bryonie xxxx

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~ Tuesday, May 1 ~

I had the most amazing cocktail at Hawksmoor Bar, Spitalfields on Friday. It was called a ‘Rum Number’ and was a mix of two types of rum with lots of different fruit juices. It came in a tiki statue and had a pomegranate on fire.

It was £9.25 and I shared the drink with my friend, so it made it really cheap for an interesting cocktail on fire! Very tasty.

B xx

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~ Monday, April 30 ~
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~ Wednesday, April 11 ~
University summed up?
It’s definitely true about landlords that fleece you in London!

University summed up?

It’s definitely true about landlords that fleece you in London!

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